Delphine Chanet for Milk Magazine

Christmas in not there yet but I’ve just bumped into this picture and couldn’t help but share it here.

Photo: Delphine Chanet


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Laranjinha FW 12

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts in life, isn’t it?

Portuguese brand Laranjinha launched its Fall/Winter 2012 collection celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary with a gorgeous catalogue: a book which tells the story of a little bunny rabbit who decided to open a company to create beautiful clothes for babies and children. Mr. rabbit opens its factory’s door and shows how he creates a collection and presents it in a fashion show.

Photographer Cassiano Ferraz and Little Hands Illustration developed a stunning mix of pictures and drawing, which I found amazing and very special. ♥

Besides the campaign, Laranjinha’s garments for girls and boys, from 0-8 years old, are (of course!) also lo-ve-ly! Check it out!


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Space Oddity

Dear moms, I believe many of you are David Bowie fans like me, right? Dads?

Illustrator Andrew Kolb turned Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” into a book for children, where Major Tom’s trip to the Moon is told in 60’s inspired drawings. Isn’t it just great?

For our disappointment, the books is “merely a concept” and no physical form of it will be made. Such a pity!

As so, all I can do is let you with the pictures. Try not to cry in the end – Major Tom is very expressive, his despair is almost unbearable!!!



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A good laugh

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When I was still in Zürich, I used to walk around the city to look for kidswear shops that I might like to share here in this blog. One thing I noticed was the lack of shoe shops for children. Kids Extra was the only place I found with a good range of nice pairs for girls and boys…

Till now! (Ok, I’m not in Zürich anymore but I still have secret access to what’s new and good in town! Ha ha!)

Nenes is a beautiful shop at Rigiplatz and it is specialised in stylish, prim, high-quality clothes and shoes. Sisters Olga and Raquel, both mothers of girls, understood the market needs and got into the business: cute and chic garments from Spanish brands, like Pilli Carrera, Sanmar, LioLio and Fina Ejerique can be found there, as well as shoes from Caminito, Chiquitín, Garvalín and Petit Shoes.

They are also specialised in clothes for special occasions, such as baptism or first comunion. PER-FECT!!!

I’m sure all moms in town are very very pleased!

Nenes. Winterthurerstrasse 13, 8006 Zürich. Tel 044 350 27 27.

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They Draw & Cook

Today I came home from work thinking about how much time people spend cooking if you want to eat healthily… (and if you don’t have a cook working for you, like many Brazilians!)

I quite enjoy cooking (well, I actually enjoy eating properly), though it is also not my favourite activity after 8 hours in the office. But there is a way to prepare your food with a smile on your face. It’s called “They Draw & Cook“.

Siblings Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell – experienced designer and illustrators – came up with this funny, simple and joyful concept: illustrating recipes. An idea that started as a joke turned into a delicious serious matter. They’ve launched their own book this very month, full of stunning illustrations made by themselves and other professional artists or even by passionate drawers! (Available a

The website is a must-see. I really recommend you to try to find a recipe. Won’t say more. Perfect for cooking with kids and encourage them to experiment in the kitchen. (pray for good cleaning products!)


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I don’t even want to count how many days I’ve been away from my beloved blog. Working 100% in a big city is very different from life in calm Zürich. Uf!

Nevertheless, I’ve been collecting lots of interesting material to share here with you and I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

The tricky point now is the language issue. I’m not sure if you’re all aware of this, but in Brazil not many people do speak English. Well, I guess I’ll have to find a translation tool, right? (please let me know if there is a good language application for wordpress!)

Now, the post.

3 weeks ago I bumped into this fabulous kids fashion brand called Hucklebones. Awarded ‘Emerging Talent / Best New Fashion Brand’ by the prestigious Junior Design Award, hosted by Junior Magazine, the brand really deserves all the attention.

Besides the stunning design, tailoring technics and exclusive prints, the London-based company’s philosophy is absolutely appropriate to 21st century’s market. Fabrics are carefully sourced for their high, long-lasting quality, as well as dyestuff used in printed silk is EU made and have low environmental impact.

Garments are created for girls between 3 months and 8 years old. Highlight: colour combination and collection coordination – the design teams do tell their story with excellence.

And hello Swiss readers! In Switzerland, you can find Hucklebones at online shop Lilly Max & Joey! Yeepie!

Delight yourself with some pictures of their S/S 11 and F/W 11 collections!


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Black Sheep

It is with great pleasure that I present you Black Sheep, a babywear label from Israel. Perfect for hip, alternative parents, I mean, babies (hehehe), the brand is designed to wear cool little ones – comfortable garments yet alternative to conventions of ordinary baby’s fashion.

Black Sheep is represented by SARAFAN Showroom, in Tel Aviv.

Here are some pictures that made me feel like marrying a rock star or getting smaller to get into the skull sarouel jumpsuit!


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Vanilla Kids

Attention Swiss Readers! Do you smell something sweet in the air? It’s Vanilla Kids, the brand new online shop!

“Based in Widen, Switzerland, Vanilla Kids is a multi-brand site that retails clothes, accessories and more for kids aged 0-6 years. By sourcing a handpicked selection of brands from around the world, Vanilla Kids aims to add flavour to the existing children’s retail market.”

Mmmmm…. Sweet!

At their website, you can find several cool brands like Goodbyn, the maker of the ultimate lunch box, or Appaman, the American brand with a unique Scandinavian perspective on ameripop iconic imagery – uuuuuuh, fancy! Oh! Don’t forget to check the must-have Splash Bottle Holder!!!

Go check it out and tell your friends!!!

Screen Shots: Vanilla Kids Website

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The Picture

Ages ago, my dear friend Tatiana – a true fashionista who breathes fashion – sent me this picture. Going through my archives, I found it today. It’s definitely THE picture. Visual poetry. Just perfect.

From Vogue Enfants. Which month? No idea. Doesn’t matter, it’s timeless.

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